Seller FAQs

Our sellers have to pass a strict 12 point screening process before they are allowed to auction. We factor with Banks to ensure guaranteed transactions. Our sellers take full responsibility of the products they auction. The product matches the samples which can be reviewed before the auction.
Seller can do Product management, Auction management or Account overview to see or edit his auction products. Seller can create a new Add/Update/Delete request for Industry, Category or Products, which will be reflected in the website for the buyers only after the approval from the Administrator.
A. Add new Industry: can request to add new Industry. Examples of Industry are: Fashion, Agriculture, Machinery, Real Estate, Electronics, Sports goods. Each Industry can have several Categories within.
B. Add new Category: can request to add new Category within an Industry. A Category can have multiple products within to auction. Examples of Categories within Industry Agriculture: Cattle, Fodder, Crop, Fertilizer. Examples of Categories within Industry Machinery are: Cranes, Generators, Tractors, CNC machines Examples of Categories within Industry Electronics: TV’s, Laptops, tablets, cell phones etc.
C. Add new Products to auction: Once the Industry and Categories are defined, the Seller can add products to auction within a Category. The seller will define the product details, provide samples to be given to buyer to evaluate the product at minimum cost plus shipping, provide all the auction details for the product. Once the auction details are given by the seller, the final approval is given by the administrator. Seller will be notified by the Administrator about the Auction approval by an email and only then the product will be available for bidding. (Refer Auction rules for details).
D. Now Products: Seller can see the details of his products with “Buy Now” option, which are already purchased without entering into the auction by “Buy now” option. If some lots are still left, they will be available for the Auction.
A. Edit Auction:can modify the product and its auction details. Seller can also request modify his own registered profile. The modification will reflect in the system only after the approval from Administrator.
B. Auction Request Status: can see the status of his auctions if approved by the Administrator or not.
The seller can see the details of the products he has for auction. His cart will display the number of his products put for auction.